Super cell’s clash royale- a grossing ios game

Clash royale is one of the kingdom games. Now it is one of the most power full grossing games in US. It became a number one in the iOS app store, because it is very interesting to play and has unique characters that make the people crazy with that game. According to last year revenues Clash of Clans got $1 billion dollars among $34.8 billion dollars of mobile game industry. But the Clash Royale beat the records of Clash of clans.

How to play the game:

It is one of the cards collecting game and it has 13 levels to play. The combat zone of this game you have two sides. One will be yours and another one will be your rivals. You have to enter into your Rivals field and Fight against your rivals by using the different cards. The cards which you have are having different strength like, swards and fire bomb etc. In one battle you have to use only 8 cards. You can get those cards by using real money and it will help you to destroy the towers of your rivals. You will go to the next level by getting more cards in that level while you are playing. One has to be very fast and having strong decks to win and get more coins. There are large numbers of clash royale cheats, apk tools and cheating methods are available to get more gems and gold. When a player won the battle a Trophy will be given to them at the last.

If you need to won in the multiplayer game it will also helps you to open the chest. One who has a large number of gold and gems can easily open the chest. The time taken to open the chest can be varied from 3 hours to 24 hours. When you are playing this game mind one thing, you are playing with real people. The person who won the battle can be shown in the top corner. So you have to play carefully to get the top corner place. Gems are very important to go to the next level quickly. Gold it is also very important in your game to get extra boost-ups.


Cards in clash royale:

There is more number of cards used in Clash Royale game. The best card is Freeze Spell due to 4 mile radius and long duration. The most hated card is X-bow, which is highly strong and reactive card and it will spend 3 seconds to deploy and target the air units.

Best decks in clash royale:

The Decks are very important for you to get the top place and go to the next level. There are large number of decks are present to get the next level. They are,

In Arena 4: Fireball, Arrows, Witch, Giant.

In Arena 5: Hog-Rider, Goblin Barrel, Fire spirits.

In Arena 6: Giant, Balloon, Muketeer.


This game makes the player to play with original player and it will increase the interest of the player and improve the concentration to move their name to the top level in that game. It needs original money to buy the cards but it also improves the innovative thinking to win in the battle.