Super cell’s clash royale- a grossing ios game

Clash royale is one of the kingdom games. Now it is one of the most power full grossing games in US. It became a number one in the iOS app store, because it is very interesting to play and has unique characters that make the people crazy with that game. According to last year revenues Clash of Clans got $1 billion dollars among $34.8 billion dollars of mobile game industry. But the Clash Royale beat the records of Clash of clans.

How to play the game:

It is one of the cards collecting game and it has 13 levels to play. The combat zone of this game you have two sides. One will be yours and another one will be your rivals. You have to enter into your Rivals field and Fight against your rivals by using the different cards. The cards which you have are having different strength like, swards and fire bomb etc. In one battle you have to use only 8 cards. You can get those cards by using real money and it will help you to destroy the towers of your rivals. You will go to the next level by getting more cards in that level while you are playing. One has to be very fast and having strong decks to win and get more coins. There are large numbers of clash royale cheats, apk tools and cheating methods are available to get more gems and gold. When a player won the battle a Trophy will be given to them at the last.

If you need to won in the multiplayer game it will also helps you to open the chest. One who has a large number of gold and gems can easily open the chest. The time taken to open the chest can be varied from 3 hours to 24 hours. When you are playing this game mind one thing, you are playing with real people. The person who won the battle can be shown in the top corner. So you have to play carefully to get the top corner place. Gems are very important to go to the next level quickly. Gold it is also very important in your game to get extra boost-ups.


Cards in clash royale:

There is more number of cards used in Clash Royale game. The best card is Freeze Spell due to 4 mile radius and long duration. The most hated card is X-bow, which is highly strong and reactive card and it will spend 3 seconds to deploy and target the air units.

Best decks in clash royale:

The Decks are very important for you to get the top place and go to the next level. There are large number of decks are present to get the next level. They are,

In Arena 4: Fireball, Arrows, Witch, Giant.

In Arena 5: Hog-Rider, Goblin Barrel, Fire spirits.

In Arena 6: Giant, Balloon, Muketeer.


This game makes the player to play with original player and it will increase the interest of the player and improve the concentration to move their name to the top level in that game. It needs original money to buy the cards but it also improves the innovative thinking to win in the battle.

Pixel Gun 3D Close Review For Better Understanding

Anyone playing games would do it so to spend some extra time in hand have some fun without the hassle of getting into too much of thinking. The boxy graphics of the Pixel Gun 3D that takes on it’s character from Minecraft, the game from the same developer RiliSoft has not just achieved but also maintained immense popularity because of it’s easy playing style.

The game that is declared to be played by people of twelve years and above currently enjoys a four plus rating due to several factors. The game unleashes a game world that is thick with the excitement of the survival attacks with some of the coolest armors that you can ever imagine. The only pixel gun 3d cheats works with two basic modes of playing the Single Player Survival campaigns and the Multiplayer modes with options, it is one the one game that never sets in the element of boredom in the player. The game is fast-paced and has the players on their alerts so long as they are playing often getting addicted to it. The ambiance for the shooting is set rocking with some cool music playing in each section.


The very first appearance of the Pixel Gun 3D indeed brings to mind instantly of the Minecraft looks but the similarity between the two ends there. The Pixel Gun is surely faster given that it is a pure survival mode game where the individuals and the teams have to keep shooting to survive. There is a feel of menace that the boxy graphics of the game adds to the shooting ambiance leaving the enemies and the shooters without any sharp features. There is plenty that the players can explore with the personalized looks of the screen, the color templates, and the symmetry drawings. There are the dynamic lights with the night and the day options that lend the fine effects while playing the game.

The game is being continually updated that gives the players newer options to explore especially when it comes to the armory section. Shooting into pieces the worst enemy is what the game is all about there is a choice of weapons that are made available to the players from time to time. There is plenty to explore and shoot given that there are two distinct worlds each of which have seven different levels to complete with specific layout maps, battles, and monster. The pick of the monsters or the one that is most fiercely comes at the end of each level and pose the real threat to the player. Blowing the final monster out into pieces will gain you the points that will reward you with the coins and the gems.

The best is of course reserved in the Multiple players’ mode with the different world settings and categories to choose from – Cooperative, Deadly Games, and the DeathMatch. The Cooperative give the players three choices of the Team Battle, Time Survival and the Boss Battle. Team Battle helps in forming teams and them playing against one another; Time Survival is a team effort to fight off the monsters. The Deadly Games is the advanced level with you as the last player pitted against others and the DeathMatch is similar to fight locally or globally.

Animal Jam Tips and Tricks

Get Free Animal Jam Membership By Using This Trick

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MACHINISTS, MACHINISTS, MECHANICS!!!! This is a given for any website, but I will accentuate it for animal jam codes. Capitalize, punctuate, spell, and grammar-if accurately! The entire point of AJUB (Animal Jam Update Blogging) is so that people understand you. Example of a challenging to comprehend post: hey jammers how’s it going todays new item is the tan carpet what do you think of this item bye jammers!!!!!!!

Make your posts longer when compared to a sentence. Any AJUB post can appear like this: “Hey Jammers! The new item today is the Tan Carpeting! That is all I ‘ve time for today, see you Jammers!” Some great thoughts for lengthening posts to longer when compared to a sentence are:

Find some things of interest around aj codes. Compose a story about it, open it up for discussion, or simply point it out.

Have competitions! Everyone loves a good competition! You don’t have to have a fantastic prize to make a contest amazing! Just make sure the contest is original. Riddle contests, screenshot contests, and narrative competitions are all great ideas!

Create comics and funny pictures! Nothing gets a good blog audience involved like a couple of laughs!

Show little matters like hints and shortcuts for blogging/ animal jam cheats (like what I’m doing now).

Put up guides for player-managed things, like families, trading, and adoption.

Engage the readers! Some Bloggers complain they do not get enough opinions. Well, to do accordingly, you must add something to the post, which will draw in the reader, get the reader to read, and ask for a answer. Things like funny images and fascinating facts will get readers to respond, but if you can’t do that, merely add a question into your post.

You need a membership to demonstrate your ownership of an account. Should you feel that you aren’t receiving enough page views/followers, be assertive! Go out as well as put your animal jam membership outside on the Internet! See other blogs and ask if they’ll mention your rite, or even only inquire if your website can go on their website list, should they have one. However, you do it, simply locate the ideal individuals who will be kind enough to share your site together with the world. Get animal jam free membership and enjoy your game.

Animal jam is an exciting on-line gaming platform made by National Geographic for children using a love for animals as well as the great outdoors. Inside this gaming environment, players can execute changing tasks including creating animal avatars, designing their houses, share in gaming experiences with other players and learn about their preferred creatures as well as the way in which they reside.

Last but not the very least, BE YOURSELF! It’s true that you can examine other websites for ideas of how to structure your posts, etc., but when it comes down to it, have your own, unique style. Be yourself, and you will discover that you just fit right it in the blogging world!

Utilize The Madden Mobile Guide And The OVR To Get The Best Team

madden nfl mobile

Only using the madden mobile guide tools are not enough, you need to utilize the different ratings that are provided by the game too.

There are plenty of sports video games that you can play online with other gamers from different parts of the world. But due to the multiplayer format, the level of competitiveness is very high in these games. This is why if you are playing Madden mobile, then you need to use the madden mobile cheats.

How to buy new players?

If you have been playing games like Madden mobile for a while, then you must know already that there are frequent updates that are provided by the developers. All these updates will offer you with exciting new features which can be unlocked easily by using the various guide tools.

  • Once you start playing the game, you will see that there are live auctions where you will be able to find the right players for your team.
  • These auctions are very important for building the right team. So you need to evaluate the requirements of the team and build your strategies.
  • But no matter how strong your strategies and gameplay are, you will need a lot of coins and other resources for getting your favorite players. So it is best if you use the madden mobile hack apk for this purpose.

Are the OVRs important for your team?

In case you are using the trick codes for the first time, then you should know that there are plenty of these applications available on the internet. All these applications are offered by the coders free of cost.

  • It is mandatory to increase the overall rating of your team if you want better performance from your players.
  • The OVR is the best way to evaluate the players and their performance. So you should always work hard to ensure that the rating is consistently high.
  • If you want to add better players in your team you can do that through the live auctions. As a huge amount of madden mobile coins will be required during the auctions, it is best to use the free coins.

How to get more resources?

Due to the abundance of the guide tools on the internet, it is important for you to consider all the aspects before choosing one. Only the right application will allow you to unlock all the features that are offered by the game

  • If you use the applications like guides and trick codes, then you will get unlimited access to the various resources that you will require for winning the game.
  • This will not only help you to get anything that you may need for your team but will also help you to concentrate more on your playing style and your game strategies.
  • This is why all the experienced players recommend the guide tools. So if you want to be an expert in all the aspects of the game, then you need to know how to play madden mobile.

Need some tips?

Most madden mobile tips will advise you to not take the help of the game’s artificial intelligence at every step. Not all suggestions made by the AI are perfect. So you should always use your decision-making skills and strategies while choosing the right player.